Coc War Base Th9 Anti Gowipe

Coc War Base Th9 Anti Gowipe

Project Description

18 best th9 war base 2018 new anti 2 stars - cocbases, coc th9 war base anti lavaloons town hall 9 war base anti gobowitch lavaloon th9 govalk govalo but a mess which is what makes it difficult for the valkyries. Cyanide th9 war base anti gowiwi gowipe giwipe air, while surfing on clash of clans forum i saw this cyanide town hall 9 base design which was made by dejavux98 this base can defend your base against some most useful attack strategies like dragons gowipe and gowiwi with 3 years experience of playing clash of clans i think the author has done his best to design this base. Th9 unbeatable base anti gowipe anti lavaloonion, this base has never been 2 started ever since i have used it this base is the base i used in that first crappy vid i made about the th9 defend against a maxed gowipe pls tell me in the comments if this base works for you.

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