Cactus Plants For Zone 6

Cactus Plants For Zone 6

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Succulent care in zone 6 growing succulents in zone 6 gardens, growing succulents in zone 6 is that possible we tend to think of succulents as plants for arid desert climates but there are a number of hardy succulents that tolerate chilly winters in zone 6 where temperatures can drop as low as -5 f -20 6 c. Cacti and succulents winter hardy cacti - zone 6, just wondered if anyone is growing winter hardy cacti - zone 6 i have a couple opuntia agave trunked yucca and hesperaloe not a cacti but desert type plants. Growing cactus plants in cold-winter climates better, other cactus plants with cold-weather tolerance to zones 5 or 6 include cylindropuntia called cholla a prickly pear relative grows with segmented cylindrical stems that can reach 10 feet tall various species have a varied range of hardiness with many tolerating temperatures to -30 degrees f.

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