10 Unusual Prisons

10 Unusual Prisons

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10 bizarre prisons from around the world - listverse, not all prisons are like the ones you see on tv here are ten of the most bizarre prisons in the world. America s 10 worst prisons adx mother jones, the basics known as adx and nicknamed the alcatraz of the rockies this is among the most secure prisons in the world and one of the most isolating many of its cells fashioned out of poured concrete with solid steel doors are equipped with built-in showers and automated chutes that open onto private concrete exercise yards. Nutraloaf - wikipedia, nutraloaf also known as meal loaf prison loaf disciplinary loaf food loaf lockup loaf confinement loaf seg loaf grue or special management meal is a food served in prisons in the united states and canada citation needed to inmates who have misbehaved for example assaulting prison guards or fellow prisoners.

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